Words by Winter Podcast

Words by Winter Podcast

Welcome to the Words by Winter podcast. I’m Alison McGhee, your host, and this is the introductory episode for Words by Winter, the podcast that matches poems with people trying to navigate their way through a tough and uncertain time. I’m a podcast addict and writer of novels and picture books for all ages, a person who early on began relying on books and poems to help me transform the experience of living when it sometimes felt too hard, or too intense, just too much.

If you’re facing something a passage in life that’s hard, that’s troubling, that’s taking up a lot of your internal emotional energy, reach out. Whoever you are, whatever age you are, whatever place in life, reach out. Send us a voice memo via email at wordsbywinterpodcast@gmail.com, or write us at the same address. I look forward to connecting with you, learning more about you and where you are in life, and searching for the right words for you. No, scratch that, searching for the right words for all of us. Because it is rough out there, and we’ve got to help each other through.