I have been working with Words by Winter for the past four years, during which time their wordsmiths have written endorsements, aka “blurbs,” for each of my twelve poetry books, all of which are about real people with real problems (and all of which are available at my Real Poems website). Without exception, the Words by Winter wordsmiths have been courteous, extremely fast, and focused specifically on my goals, which are to increase awareness of real people with real problems, especially with regard to colonoscopy prep. I can’t say enough good things about these wordsmiths! I recommend them without reservation, to anyone searching for the right words. —John Stein, poet, Marylandimg_3336

Could. Not. Ask. For. A. Better. Job. Periods after each word because yes, these people are just. That. Good. —E.B., Redding, California

Words by Winter was the answer to my prayers, and by that I mean LITERALLY, they were the answer to my prayers. “How can I possibly write a wedding toast to my father and his fifth, yes FIFTH wife?” That was my question, let’s call it an entreaty, a plea to God if there even is a God up there, because once you’ve already given three wedding toasts to the man whose genetics you share, you don’t feel like a fourth. So what I did was send the wordsmiths a photo of my dad and his latest woman (at this point I try not to even remember their names, because hello/goodbye) and they took it from there. Wrote up a semi-generic, which was what I asked for, but totally great toast. Made my dad happy, made whatshername happy, hell it even made me happy. Whatever. Wife number six? You know damn well who I’ll be calling. —Marshall, Dade County, Florida

She asked me to the prom, I turned her down. Why? She asked me in front of my friends, she wasn’t the most popular girl, I wasn’t the most popular boy. “No.” That was it, that was all I said, that was all she wrote. But I couldn’t get the look on her face out of my head. The truth? I had a crush on her. From day one. But I was a goddamn idiot. So all those years, she was on my mind, and before our 30th high school reunion I asked Words by Winter to write me a letter to her. They did. I sent it. Did she write back? She did. What did she have to say? Here’s all you need to know: I am forever grateful to Words by Winter. —Clarence Viera, Eau Claire, Wisconsin